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Gathering & Transport Crude:  

We move your barrels from wellhead to market on a proprietary path. 

Gathering & Transport Natural Gas:

We move your liquids from wellhead to burner tip on a proprietary path. We offer flow assurance to multiple market outlets for natural gas residue, including the high demand NGL markets on the Gulf Coast.  

Crude Blending & Storage w/Batching Capabilities: 

Our field-based storage at Cherokee, Oklahoma, in the middle of the STACK Play and at Cushing allows us to aggregate in the field and keep your barrels neat.  

Natural Gas Processing:

Silver Lake is our cutting edge, high recovery rate cryogenic processing plant in Ames, Oklahoma.

Water Handling & Treating: 

We offer the capability to gather and move saltwater via pipeline to a disposal location.  

System Map

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gas asset overview.png